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It has been developed by a former Android manager for Kodi and gives you the same overall aesthetics. This also means that any add-on that is compatible with Kodi also works well on SPMC. As the maker himself calls it, SPMC is the ‘Android-minded fork’ for Kodi. Sideloaded apps like Kodi, XBMC, and SPMC are inconvenient to launch since they don't show up on the Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick's Home and Apps section. Instead you have to dig deep into the settings menu, requiring over 20 remote button presses, to launch a sideloaded app. That Kodi/SPMC can't find Windows shares automatically isn't something specific to the Shield, and as long as you don't have some network issue then manually adding the shares works fine.

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Its aim is to allow you to become familiar with Kodi and prepare you for the upcoming setup pages. FAQ's General information on Kodi and the XBMC Foundation for those that are really interested. New Users should start with Where Do I Start? above.

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Esta fork para Kodi fue desarrollada por Koying, un ex programador de Android. Kato Kodi Krypton Fork I have to say that SPMC is a Excellent Media Center if you have a Android Box, it does not use up a lot of memory like the Kodi media Center and if you have the 2gb Android boxes and less this is the Media Center for you, Its real simple to use and about the same as it’s counterpart Kodi and just Remember it’s for Android Boxes Only Semper Media Center (SPMC) is a fork of the open-source media center Kodi developed by a member of the original team.

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It is actually an unofficial fork for Kodi. Well, this powerful Kodi maintenance app is developed by the former Kodi Android maintainer, Koying. Ótimo aplicativo, digamos que seja um KODI alternativo e bem mais leve, ótimo para Android BOX TV (mxq)..Apoie o canalSe gostou dê um like.Valeu.Link There was some discussion in the Kodi forum about the correct video settings. I am creating this ticket to clarify and then update the Wiki accordingly. First, it appears that Kodi 16 (and therefore SPMC) shifted to a 1080p GUI with supp SPMC is an unofficial fork of the Kodi app, dedicated to android users and made by the former Kodi Android maintainer, Koying (aka me). Please check http://spmc.semperpax.com/ for the full Kodi alternatives are plethora, but when you aren’t satisfied with the likes of Stremio and Plex, then a Kodi fork should arguably be the best option. This brings SPMC in to play.

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How are SPMC and Kodi similar? The short answer to that question is “A lot!”. It makes perfect sense when considering that SPMC was created from Kodi’s source code. In fact, they are so similar that the SPMC home screen has a Kodi logo at its top left. That is a clear indication that a good part of the SPMC code is from Kodi.

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AEP es un tenedor no oficial de la aplicación Kodi. If you have root access you can check the user installed APKs from store or sideloaded under /data/app/ If there is a subfolder named ARM64 in /data/app/semerpax.spmc(xxx)/lib/ it's 64 bit same for Kodi under /data/app/org.xbmc.kodi-(X)/lib/ System apps (from firmware) are under /system/app/ I guess you talk about the Aeon MQ 7 public version i use too not the paid one, it's not the best 26/02/2018 SPMC is a Kodi alternative for Android. Read this to find out what SPMC looks like, what it does and How SPMC compares to the official Kodi Android app. Kodi Builds are a collection of Kodi addons that you can install it in one go without installing a separate addon one at a time. The list of best Kodi builds in this guide are the ones that are frequently updated, has the most current addons, and consumes less space. SPMC is an Android fork of Kodi that is developed and maintained by koying, the former Android programmer for the Kodi foundation. It is the same backbone as Kodi, but has been optimized for the Android operating system.

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It has some great features and is being used by most of the users as Best Kodi Alternative.