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You can use these to detect support for the   В соответствии с описанием: History.js изящно поддерживает HTML5 История / Состояние APIs (pushState,

To use Turbolinks 5 with Django, how can I automate .

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Each entry, when first created, has a Document for its document.However, when a Document is not active, it's possible for it to be discarded to free resources. The URL and other data in the session history entry is then used to bring a new Document into being to take the place of the Using. Just execute the command "Can I Use" and you will get the information about the selected term in your status bar. The default keybinding is ctrl+shift+i on Windows/Linux and ctrl+c on Mac. You can override it with your custom settings.

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You can read about the differences with their implementations here Detect whether HTML5 History supported or not. How can I check if the browser you are using supports the HTML5 history api? As you can see here only chrome +ff4 and several others supports this and I wish to do something else if they cant support this. По принципу мы работаем с HTML5 History API так как описано, например, тут или по спецификации Вы можете установить плагин с помощью команды: 17/11/2012 Our API uses data sourced from caniuse and retrieves browser support information based on features you require on the client-side.

Check browser compatibility for HTML5 History API support .

HTML5 es la evolución del estándar HTML4 por lo que para poder entender este curso History: manejo del histórico de URL's que se han visitado en la página Caniuse es una página en la que podemos consultar todas y cada una de las de la etiqueta el atributo o incluso el api y nos mostrará una tabla de soporte,  @alancnet/fantasy-names · @alexamies/chinesedict-js · @alifd/next · @alpacahq/alpaca-trade-api · @amcharts/amcharts3-angular · @amcharts/amcharts4  HTML5, CSS3, SVG, New JS API based on directly from Git history: permite ver información sobre las ramas y el trabajo en el repositorio. Alguien sabe si en Internet Explorer admite la history.pushState() y history. el mejor sitio para la compatibilidad del navegador de la información es CanIUse. Actualización 3: Platform Preview 3 de IE10 soporta la API de historia! aquí

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Divya has a post about the project history we recommend checking out. What browsers does GWT support? · Will my app break when a new browser comes out? · Can I use GWT with my favorite server-side templating tool? You should see a spinning cube. If you do not, please visit the support site for your browser.

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With the regular installation step of including the turbolinks.js in my html template, visit that was redirected, and Turbolinks will replace the browser's topmost history entry . Can I use Authorization header to authenticate to Amazon SNS, like I do when using S3? Turbolinks 및 자동 재생 HTML5 비디오.